Unit – 1

Study about Light – Inverse square law of light, Primary and Complimentary colours, Visible spectrum, etc.

Basics of Camera – Lens, Aperture, Shutter, Recording medium and Viewfinder.

Lens – Focal length, Different types of lenses, Angle of coverage and Characteristic of lenses

Unit – 2

Exposure – The settings of Aperture and Shutter and how they are relatively and arithmetically arranged. F-Stops and T-Stops

Different types of shutters

Depth of field – The factors which determine the Depth of field.

Hyper focal distance.

Unit – 3

Study about Box, Studio, Twin Lens Reflex and Single Lens Reflex Cameras.

Unit – 4

Study about Digital Box and SLR Cameras. Image Sensors-CCD and CMOS and other salient features of the Digital Camera.

Unit – 5

Study about B&W and Colour Films. Colour Temperature Contrast ratio and Exposure latitude

Unit – 6

Study about Filters – Contrast Filters, Colour conversion filters, Polarized filters, Enhance Filters, Colour Filters, Graduated Colour and ND filters, Effect filters, etc

Unit – 7

Study about Videography – Amateur, Semi professional, Professional and HD-24p Video Cameras.

Image Sensors – Tube, Single CCD and 3CCDs. Interlace and Progressive Scanning. PAL and NTSE Systems.

Unit – 8

Cinematography – Different types of Film Movie Cameras.

Mitchell NC-7, ARRI-2C, ARRI-3, ARRI-435 ES, ARRI-435 Advanced, ARRI-435 Extreme and ARRI-535.


Slow and Fast motions, Changing of Shutter angles and Ramping.

Special effects using In-Camera techniques

Unit – 9

Different types Film formats – IMAX, Vista vision, Cinerama, Super-16 mm, Super-35 mm, 65 mm and Cinemascope Formats. DI, Telecine and Reverse Telecine.

Unit – 10

Lighting – Conventional, Soft and Diffused, Bounce, Source, Hard and Creative lightings. Lighting - Outdoor Lighting Wide and Huge Sets- Day effect, Night effect and Creative lighting. Matching Indoor with Outdoor. Exposure Metering – Incident light, Reflected light, Spot light etc. Study about Different kinds of lights – Incandescent lamps, Tungsten Halogen, HMI, PAR lights, Kinoflo etc.

Unit – 11

Responsibility of the Cinematographer – Pre- production, Production and Post production Stages.

Unit – 12

Orientation Course in Film Direction and Production. Applied Electricity.